Calendar - 2006

January 6th (Friday) 8:00 PM The Iron Horse - Ashland
March 1st (Wednesday) 7:00 PM

Positive Vibe Cafe

March 18th (Saturday) 3:00 PM Private Party - Richmond
March 25th (Saturday) 1-6 PM

Cooper Vinyards

April 2nd (Sunday) 2:30 PM Morningside Assited Living
May 13th (Saturday) Wedding - Montpelier
May 17th (Wednesday) 7:30 PM

Positive Vibe Cafe

May 27th (Saturday) 10:00 PM

Out of Bounds

May 28th (Sunday) 11:00 AM Chesterfield Berry Farm
June 3rd (Saturday) 3:00 PM Private Party - Sandston
June 17th (Saturday) Wedding - NC
June 24th (Saturday) 10:00 AM

Strawberry Street Cafe Block Party

June 30th (Friday) 8:00 PM The Iron Horse - Ashland
July 29th (Saturday) 5:00 PM Petersburg Intercultural Celebration
August 19th (Saturday) 10:00 PM

Out of Bounds

September 17th (Sunday) 6:00 PM Chrysalis Gathering - Manakin-Sabot
September 23rd (Saturday) 4:30 PM Private Event - James River Cellars
October 14th (Saturday) 6:00 PM

Taste of the Chesapeake - Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay - Annapolis MD

October 26th (Thursday) 10:00 PM Bogart's Back Room with special guest
October 29th (Sunday) 6:00 PM

Sandston Presbyterian Church Fall Festival

December 20th (Wednesday) 7:00

Positive Vibe Cafe


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